Vibratory finishing machines are usually spring-mounted open-top containers attached to an oscillation or vibration generator. Vibrations are induced by an excenter (a shaft with an offset mass connected to an electric motor).
Parts are placed into the open-top container, which already includes free abrasives (chips) and chemical compounds (or water). Finishing operations occur at vibrational frequencies of 15–50 Hz [Wong19]. The finishing rate can be accelerated by increasing the vibrational frequency. Water may be used instead of chemical compounds to reduce the MRR, which is necessary for achieving a fine surface roughness.


Vibratory finishing is a type of finishing that involves a bowl or tub. This process is unique because it requires you to place a large volume of parts into the bowl and let the parts vibrate inside it. The vibratory function causes friction, making the pieces rub against an abrasive medium until they lose their rough edges and achieve the desired texture.
Vibratory finishing machines are designed to create smooth, consistent finishes for multiple parts and products at a time. They’re useful for cleaning, deburring and polishing products that must meet specific quality standards. Depending on the project, you may choose to use either wet or dry vibratory finishing. The wet process requires the use of water, which can often be treated and recycled for other applications.

AT-BVC-WS Series Vibrator finishing Machine (STANDARD)

Our AT-BVC-WS Series vibrators are the perfect choice for large, heavy and sensitive parts. Supplied without an integrated screening unit, they are available with an optional pneumatic bowl outlet and moving separating plate.

AT-BVC-S Series

Do you need to process large and sensitive workpieces? The AT-BVC-S Series circular vibrators with integrated screening unit offer you a universal solution.

AT-BVB-WS Series

Our AT-BVB-WS series vibrator machine is heavy duty machine because of high density steel media is used for burnishing on workpieces, this machine used for mirror polishing on workpieces


As a common finishing method in the manufacturing industry, vibratory finishing is an efficient process used to optimize all types of small products and parts. Vibratory finishing machines help you clean and deburr products at a faster pace. A combination of speed and quality is essential in mass production processes, which is why we offer vibratory finishing services for your industrial needs